nopasaranIn the context of International Day for the Elimination of Racism (21/03) we organize an open public meeting: No pasarán! Stop racism and fascism in Europe.

In many European countries there is a rise of extreme-right political parties who not only defend a racist and often fascist discourse but in some countries such as Greece, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium… they even got elected in parliament. These parties are using democracy to spread their racist ideas. Political parties such as Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary do not hide that they are neo-Nazis. On the contrary, they are proud of this. Other political parties such as Front National (France), Partij voor de Vrijheid (The Netherlands), Vlaams Belang (Belgium), Lega Nord (Italy)… stigmatize migrants and Muslims .

The hate against migrants has lead to fear and many victims, in some cases people who lost their lives just because they have a certain color, religion or origin.

We want to take action and do something about this. We cannot be silent and just watch while racism and fascism take over Europe. This is why we say: No pasarán!

During this open meeting we want to bring people together and think what we citizens can do to stop racism and the uprising of fascism in our countries, in Europe. By coming together and contributing in this struggle we develop and stimulate the best weapon to fight racism: solidarity!

An open public meeting at La Tentation the 30th of March.

PART I: Welcome and Introduction

– Welcome (Marisol Palomo) and short introduction on this meeting (Bleri Lleshi)
– Short video Kialo Amadu, minor migrant in Athens

PART II: Talks and open discussion

The audience is free to choose between three parallel guest talks. After a talk of 30min people move to open discussions in one of the three languages.

a) Topics: 30min talk by an expert:

Julie Pascoët (European Network against Racism) on Racism in Europe

Omar Ba (African Platform) on the rise of fascism

Dominique Willaert (Victoria Deluxe) on solidarity as a weapon

b) Open discussion with a moderator. During the discussion people present their ideas and enter in discussion with others on what can be done. Three parallel open discussions.

In Dutch Jos Vander Velpen (president of Human Rights League Belgium)

In English Olivia Rutazibwa (Journalist MO* Magazine)

In French … Kenza Yacoubi (assistant in parliament for PS)

PART III: General assembly and conclusions

a) The three moderators report on the discussion
b) Main conclusions of the meeting (Bleri Lleshi)


AMIR SULAIMAN (VS/DEF POETRY) is a poet and activist from United States. He is internationally acclaimed and has worked together with big artists such as Mos Def, The Last Poets and Dead Prez.

There is also an Ideas Box where everyone is free to leave behind his/her idea and what can be done in the struggle against racism and fascism or to stimulate more solidarity and new forms of solidarity. The ideas can be written in one of the three languages: English, Dutch, and French.


15.00 Welcome (Marisol Palomo, La Tentation)
15.10 Short movie: Kialo Amadu, minor migrant in Athens
15.20 Introduction of the meeting (Bleri Lleshi)
15.40 Talks (3 experts)
16.15 Pause
16.30 Open discussion (led by 3 moderators)
17.15 General Assembly (with the main points of the moderators)
17.45 Main conclusions (Bleri Lleshi)
18.00 Amir Sulaiman

Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/466754993378676/

Practical information
– Date 30/03, Hour 3p.m – 6.30 p.m
– Place La Tentation, city center Brussels
– Language: Mostly English with discussion groups in Dutch & French
– Entrance: 5 euro / students 2 euro.


Please confirm you presence at ovbrussels@gmail.com and also which talk and discussion group are you willing to attend. Thank you




2 thoughts on “No pasarán! Stop racism and fascism in Europe

  1. Solidarity should be more than just working together for the common ideal, it should include a readyness to open and deep communication and dialogue.

  2. Dear friends, colleagues and occupiers,
    I would like to draw your attention to my Request for prosecution addressed to the International Criminal Court where I report about well documented cases of torture, unsubstantiated political persecutions, enslavement and robbery, accompanied by attemts to misuse psychiatry for political aims. To know more about mass malefactions performed by german political elite, please review the following sources:

    Request for prosecution addressed to the International Criminal Court: http://www.enzymes.at/indictments/ICC4.pdf

    Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/385834951497880/

    Petition to ICC: http://www.change.org/petitions/antrag-auf-aufnahme-strafrechtlicher-ermittlungen

    Collection of signatures: http://www.avaaz.org/de/petition/Unterschriftensammlung_zur_Unterstuetzung_des_Antrags_bei_dem_Internationalen_Strafgerichtshof/?caYRqdb

    Please help to spread this information all over the internet!

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