FF1New Year’s Eve remains a special night. A night on which people come together to party  till the early hours of the new year. This year it is no different in the capital of Belgium, the heart of Europe, Brussels. There are many good parties taking place  but with Fables & Fairytales Brussels is hosting a party you shouldn’t be missing.

Ketaloco and Feestgedruis have been organizing parties for some years now all over Belgium. Previous year they hosted the very successful NewYeargasm. Thousands of people attended it. The party took place at Brussels Event Brewery and this year Fables & Fairytales is also taking place at one of the best places in Brussels to organize such parties. Different rooms, lots of space and easy to reach location. Enough talking about the place lets look what’s on the menu!

4 rooms, 4 different kind of music. The first room is Dungeon. If you like house, minimal to techno and progressive electronic music this is the place to be. The residents of Ketaloco and Feestgedruis Don Cabron, Dos Santos, Kairon will get you in the right mood. The more heavy stuff is for Andhim coming from Germany to party in Brussels.

The Wine-cellar is also a room with plenty of electronic music but rather funky and deep stuff. Kong & Gratts, Gols and Jose Noventa all of them into deep house and talented dj’s playing in various Belgian clubs and parties are scheduled in this room where you can welcome the new year in style.

Electronic music may dominate but there is more diversity. In The Ballroom soul, funk, disco and classics are to be played all night long. First there is a live concert of Boulevard with afterwards Brussels dj’s of L-Fêtes and and exclusive old-school dj-set by Mo & Benoelie. People don’t miss this one!

In case you thought it cant get any better, think again. The organizers decided to add another room for the lovers of urban world grooves: Taka Taka Room. A room only for Brussels dj’s who play music all over the world. Kwak has been organizing one of the most successful parties in Brussels, Strictly Niceness. His recipe is funky and soulful music. From disco to hip-hop dance till you drop. In the same room Bun Zer0 behind the desks for about two decades has promised a set with some of his most favorite stuff. Bruselo part of the Groovalicious team will be playing the finest selection of urban world grooves. If you like Balkan, afrobeat, soukous, cumbia and reggae you should be here as Bruselo wants you all to dance to his music.

Last but not least. We have five single tickets to offer for this party! The only thing you have to do is the following. Write an original answer on why the world didn’t end on December the 21st and email it to ovbrussels@gmail.com before Saturday 29/12 at 00.00.

p.s Do not forget to dress in style 😉

More information


FBevent: http://www.sweettrade-bookings.com/events/fables-fairytales-feestgedruis-3th-anniversary/

Presale: 25 €

Questions: customerservice@paylogic.be

Presale Adresses:
Mister Ego, Rue des Pierres 29, Bxl
Café Kafka, Rue des Poissonniers, Bxl
Goddess Clothes, Parijsstraat 67, Leuven
Shanti Bazaar, Jezusstraat 10, Antwerp
Cream, Hoogpoort 9, Gent

DINNER + ENTRANCE (only 60 places) : 60 €

Check out the post to know what you wanna eat


METRO ETANGS NOIRS -> 5 minutes walk from location!


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