This Radio Mukambo Special proposes an encounter with Professor, the solo project of Harrison Stafford (singer and guitarist of the Californian reggaeband Groundation) with the best of the Jamaican reggae veterans.

Professor tells us all about his first solo album ‘Madness’. Discover this conscious artist, talking about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the conflict between the three big religions, but also about his film ‘Holding on to Jah’ which he is not able to edit because of author’s rights.
Professor will be in concert at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels this Sunday, the 7th of October, with the bayefall reggaeband Jupiter & Ma Shi Faï warming up.
  1. Professor – Mind of Man
  2. Professor – Madness
  3. Professor – Intifada
  4. Professor – See Them Come
  5. Professor – East Jeruzalem
  6. Professor – Right On
  7. The Abyssinians – Satta Massagana
  8. Groundation – Blues Away
  9. Professor – Roller Coaster

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