Dear colleague De Block,

With this I want to point out to you some articles within the code of medical ethics.

Article 3 of Chapter II of the general provisions remind each colleague of the fact that medicine is an “eminently humanitarian mission”, whether  a doctor is in functional service or not.

Further it is stated that the ‘human individual must always be respected”. Article 8 of the same chapter points out our “social duty to the community”, where one may regard community as  global, not just national, provincial or village bound.

Even more, the following article 9 states that “the physician, even beyond his professional activity, should ensure not to commit acts that could harm the honor or dignity of the profession”.

You did not prevent, while you did had that chance,  that an integrated and life threatened young man was deported to a country and a city that are severely affected by war and insecurity.

In my opinion this is not in accordance with the above mentioned provisions.

Especially you harmed the honor and dignity of our profession and your decision not to intervene is actually a physician-unworthy one.

The fact that you are a secretary of state does not relieve you of your social duty as a doctor.

You still can make that harm undone.

Kind regards,

Wouter Arrazola de Oñate

Physician – researcher

Picture  Arnold Herrewegh

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