Couleur Café has become one of the main festivals in Belgium. What once started as a little festival in Brussels, has grown to a huge meeting with some of the greatest artists at the moment of world music, reggae, ska, funk, soul and much more.

I will not discuss all the bands that are going to participate for the 2011 edition, but for those who already have a ticket, the following names I would definitely check. For those who don’t have a ticket yet, there are still ticket left for Saturday and Sunday. You better book them now!

Friday (24/06) there is Antwerp power launching the party in Brussels. Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra is one of the main names in Belgian world-ska scene. They recently brought out a new album called I Lumia Mo Kher which once again confirms the original tzigano-ska touch. Seun Kuti is the son of the inventor of afrobeat, Fela Kuti. With Egypt 80 he is blessed as these guys are playing for some decades now some of the best African afrobeat. Definitely a must see. No Couleur Café without reggae. Many think Ziggy Marley, but I would also recommend Patrice. One of the favorites of the public at Couleur Café. Give this guy a guitar and he will do the rest.

Saturday (25/06) another Belgian band to start the day. Los Callejeros is a band from Leuven who mix everything you can think of from gipsy, ska to reggae and cumbia. An upcoming talent which you should discover. Smod is another band which can surprise. The expectations are quite high as Manu Chao himself works with this guys and on top of this they enjoy the support of Amadou & Mariam. Mali is present that’s for sure. It is going to be a hard choice later on in the evening as the concerts of Arsenal and Tiken Jah Fakoly fall at the same time. I guess for the reggae lovers the choice is clear. Nevertheless Arsenal live is also quite an experience. Tough one.

If you think that Sunday (26/06) it’s going to be the chill day, you are wrong. First of all there is Band of Gypsies 2 who will shake you awake with their blazers. Who saw them some time ago live in AB knows what I am talking about. And there is more, as Keny Arkana one of the top French artist at the moment will invade the stage. Her struggle will become your struggle if you let her lyrics enter your mind. She will introduce some songs from her new album, Esquisse II. Looking forward. Sunday just doesn’t stop presenting interesting names such as the Italian Alborosie who left Sicily for Kingston town. Smooth reggae beats promised. With Calle 13 right after you better put on your dancing shoes on because Porto Ricans want no chilling (even on Sundays). Hip Hop, reggaeton and cumbia make it an explosive dance mix. To close the festival Ojos de Brujo or Dub Inc. tough one also but not for me as Dub Inc is one of those groups that offer you not just good music, but also good vibe. Enjoy!

Full reviews of some of the concerts will follow later on.

For more information: http://www.couleurcafe.be


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