Siné is maybe not very well known to the non-French speaking world, but this man has been socially engaged for more than half a century now. His engagement has been focusining on many issues of injustice ranging from the Algerian war to the latest financial crisis. His struggle has been one with just a piece of paper and pencil. Siné’s comics are very well known and still popular in the French speaking world. But even wider he has had the possibility to show his work where the subversive aspect is always present.

Stéphano Mercurio has realized an excellent documentary on Siné. Following him at his office (in this case at his place) and making use of flash backs to the achievements and the struggle of Siné, Mercurio has succeeded in creating an intimate portrait of this living legend in the comics world. The documentary is filled with funny anecdotes Siné himself or others around him tell. The work of the camera is subtle and spontaneous. Mourir? Plutôt crever is an enjoyable and inspiring documentary which shows why we should struggle for the oppressed.

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