pBeursschouwburg was once again packed for an evening with an explosive mix of world beats. Vk* concerts had invited Terrakota a Portugese band. Terrakota has become in recent years one of the most demanded world fusion groups. Name a festival in Belgium (the country with most festivals per person in the world) were world music is played, this guys have been present. Their gig previous year at Couleur Café was one of the most dynamic acts of the festival. It all looked promising.

But first a few words on La Chiva Gantiva, a Brussels band, truly representative to the Brussels multicultural setting. The spirit of these musicians lies is the same line with that of Terrakota even though the inspiration sources are in different continents. La Chiva Gantiva has come on the spots of festival organizers around Europe. Their supporting act to their friends of Terrakota turned out to be more than supporting as the public was clearly enjoying the mixture of cumbia beats with funky blazing instruments.

However, it was Terrakota night tonight. Once their concert started the hall was filled up. Romi Anauel (lead vocals) was taking the stage under the wings of her Indian cloth. The Italian neighbour next to me was impressed. The Indian cloth was not a coincidence. Terrakota was introducing their latest album World Massala which is plenty of Indian influences. The lyrics of Terrakota remain engaged. Their multicultural message is not only present in the diverse instruments and influences from oud, ballafon, cuica to flute and electric guitars, also the lyrics are engaged and political. Songs such as Ilegal and Gripe economica clearly transmit a committed message.

India may be central on this album but Africa is always there. In particular Angola, Capo Verde and Mozambique signature can be traced on songs such as Né Djarabi and Ualelepo. The songs of this album sound deeper and more personal thus the public needed some adaptation time but as we arrived at the second half of the concert, it was time to start sweating. Excellent band live and enjoyable music for at home. As they regularly come to Belgium, go check their website I would say.



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